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Colors of Service - Installation of the 2012 Zonta Board

Quuen Kay PfaffMay 2012 saw the installation of another great group of Zontians as our new officers and board members for 2012-2013!

Each year we hold a special installation ceremony presided over by "Queen Kay Pfaff", our own gem! The theme this year was the "Colors of Service", with each color representing a different aspect of the services we provide to the community.

The installation committee created a large Z, representing Zonta and its members, those responsible for the great services that improve the lives of women throughout the Yakima Valley. The Z was decorated by each incoming officer with a different color of service:

The color red means stop - because many of our service projects stop problems and dire situations in the lives of women.

zonta Colors of ServiceThe color green stands for go - representing the projects that we fund that allow people to go ahead with their lives.

The color blue stands for hope. Although gray skies may be present there are blue skies ahead for many women through the service projects we fund and support. Also of note is the TRUE BLUE color - because there are true blue people like Zontians who really care about others.

The color yellow is the attention getting color just like in taxi cabs. This color represents projects that get attention for our club and what we do. This attention enables us to attract new members so that we can continue our great service projects.

The color purple is the color of royalty. This stands for our international projects such as our support for Pearson College in Victoria, BC.

Of course many of our service projects are multi colored too, because they combine elements of several of the colors above.

The Zonta Club of Yakima Valley has completed another year of service to the community. We are all proud of these accomplishments and turn now to the new year ahead. Here’s to another year of flying colors and a true rainbow of beautiful colors, led by our new board officers and members!

Our new President, Pat Reynolds

President Pat putting her flowers in the Z

Queen Kay receives a placque which will be placed in the Rose Garden at the Yakima Area Arboretum

Zonta Club of Yakima Valley Board 2012-2013




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